Deep Blue Sea Marine Education

Program Overview

CSFII Level 1 and 2 : Science,SOSE,Arts,English,Technology,Information


Children will explore marine concepts which highlight the diversity and survival needs of marine animals in Western Port and Port Phillip Bays.

Program Overview

The program forms the foundation for early learning in biological science. It is aimed at developing an awareness and appreciation of the diversity of marine animals. The level 1 program explores rock pool animals and their survival needs. The level 2 program expands on level 1 and includes investigations into the way marine animals move and their body structures, which assist them.

Both programs provide opportunities for students to identify, interpret and link simple patterns from their observations of marine animals. Throughout both programs students are involved in recording their observations using simple scientific labelled diagrams/drawings. Students compare marine animals and use simple statements and tables to identify linked characteristics. An opportunity for raising questions and seeking answers through further research is encouraged.

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